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Mobile Means more than Smartphones

Mobile is not really a thing. As much as we talk about it, what we are really discussing is the way in which users of websites are freer than ever to use a wide array of devices to connect to the internet and interact with content. Mobile means that the user is more mobile than ever, free to use a smartphone during their daily commute, laptop or desktop at work, and iPad on the couch to interact with your content. Its our job to make sure that each of those experiences are thought about.

Not convinced? The great Thomas Baekdal breaks down “The Mobile Shift” in People No Longer Decide What Device They Use and Defining a Market in The Connected World. You Are Not in Kansas Anymore!. For the lazy, let me paraphrase with a quote:

Mobile is not a thing, and it’s not a device. It’s you and me. We, as people, have become mobile, meaning that we no longer put ourself into a consumption mode. Just as we are now global by default (not restricted to a single country), we are now mobile by default as well. We are no longer just using one device; we use whatever device that happens to be near us at that moment.

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