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Lessons on design from Charles Moore

I like to compare web design to architecture. I think it is an apt metaphor and will expand upon that idea later in a full article. For now, though, I’d like to share a quote from Mark Simon about the architect and teacher Charles Moore (my replacements in brackets):

Charles Moore taught me too many lessons to list all of them now, but here are a few of the most important:

Listen carefully to your client. Don’t assume that you know what they want. You can give a client just what they want and still make an interesting and beautiful_ building website _if you use their vision as your inspiration. There is no such thing as a perfect design. However, there is a substantial difference between good and bad. There can be multiple good solutions to the same problem. […] Even a master has to discard many bad ideas before finding a good one. Don’t be afraid to collaborate. Share credit. Dress conservatively to sell a radical design.

Mark Simon, Centerbrook Architects and Planners. Quoted from Metropolis magazine, May 2014

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