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Day 37: COVID-19

The strange times continue.

It’s Earth Day today. The best thing we all can be doing right now is staying home. The skies are unusually clear all over the country. Smog reports have vanished from places like L.A. and Seattle. Factories have shut down or slowed. Trucking is going strong but traffic jams are seldom. Gas prices are at a low that we haven’t seen in more than 20 years — $1.80 a gallon avg. across the U.S..

Some other crazy numbers:

It’s hard to feel like we are making a difference by isolating ourselves and staying home. People are still dying. Businesses are suffering and struggling to adapt (of all sizes). Schools are closing for good this academic year. Summer plans are being questioned. People are boycotting rent and mortgages. COVID-19 themed commercials and messages are everywhere.

Bands are releasing Zoom-looking music videos while in quarantine. John Oliver does his show from his desk at home along with many other late night folks. John Krasinski is doing a web show from his house focused on good news — something we all need. 4 million people watch it in only a few days.

It’s big. And it’s small at the same time. People are suffering but the hunker down mentality keeps people focused inward (mostly). What do I need to do to make sure my family will get through this. I want to help in ways that I can, of course. Ordering take out feels like a small, selfish thing ever though I know it means a great deal to someone else. Nothing feels like enough.

In more uplifting news, I had often wondered if there were ever again come a time when the Country needed to ask its citizens to do something that was not easy — something that required them to change their daily lives. I thought of the way Works Progress Administration posters advocated for people to save scrap metal, start victory gardens, and the like. Well, here we are. The Country has asked us to do something difficult. And while they are not funding the creation of a marketing campaign, artists have taken the ideas into their own hands.

Day 37. I can’t believe I am saying that. Chris, my boss, weeks ago said that he though this was going to last until June. I didn’t want to believe that he might be right. Here we are, though, last weeks of April with May around the corner. Now, instead of thinking that June is the light at the end of the tunnel, I wonder if it will be more of the same and we are actually looking at July instead.