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Math Rock

To quickly put come closure around my COVID posts recently… it became less and less novel to talk about. Mundane. Now its part of life. Its not special anymore. And life was moving fast enough but everything felt the same enough that I had no energy to blog about it. Ok, that’s over.

Nova Collective (Spotify) is my new listening obsession. In their track, Ripped Apart and Reassembled, at the 4:55 mark, they seem to quote another artist. I felt like it could be Strawberry Girls (Spotify) but I listened to the entire catalog and could not find this quote.

Nova Collective formed in 2014 and consists of: Richard Henshall: Guitar; Dan Briggs: Bass; Pete Jones: Keyboards; Matt Lynch: Drums. The Further Side was released in 2017.

Strawberry Girls formed in 2011 and consists of Zachary Garren: guitar, bass, keyboards, programming, glockenspiel; Ben Rosett: drums, percussion, bass, guitar, keys, recording, mixing, production; Ian Jennings: bass guitar, keyboards.

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